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Pros fore Pros
2022 Schedule

“We understand that there are an incredible amount of options out there when it comes to mini-tour golf, but we would not have decided to start the Pros Fore Pros Tour if we didn’t think we could make a difference in players’ ability to chase the dream, the dream that we are all chasing.”

– Skyler Finnell and Sean Walsh

Why the PFP Tour?

We strive to provide players competitive events at quality golf courses in convenient locations with fair entry fees and payouts!
What else do we offer?
—$5000+ guaranteed to first place
— We NEVER cut, and NEVER walk
— Top 30% earns entry fee back
— Discounted hotel deals each week

Need more convincing?

Listen to these guys who have played at every level..

Luke Kwon– Korn Ferry Tour member (Youtube sensation)
“If you’re chasing KFT Monday Q’s it’s an absolute no brainer to play these PFP Tour events…
Great way to stay competitive, without going broke because their payout structure isn’t as top heavy.”
James Nitties– Past PGA Tour player (Aussie Legend)
“Great loose competitive atmosphere while being well run on solid golf courses!”
Brad Townsend– Mini tour player (All around nice guy!)
“I will be playing for the quality competition and with no cut I will get the reps I need.”

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