Frequently asked

Why did you start the Pros Fore Pros Tour?
When COVID-19 took away our ability to play up in Canada for the year, we looked to the mini-tours and Mondays as the way to stretch our dollars and our days, just waiting for next year’s season to hopefully start back up. We soon realized however, that none of these mini tours truly catered to what we really wanted; a way to combine both a Monday and an additional event (if need be) into one roundtrip in a cost-effective manner. Essentially, we wanted to create a mini tour that we ourselves would be excited to be participate in, which is why we will be playing in many of the events ourselves.

What makes playing both the Monday’s and the PFP Tour “cost-effective”?
Playing Monday+PFP Tour Event

  • Book flight to arrive Saturday prior to the Monday, to leave the following Saturday
    • If you make it through the Monday:
      • Congrats! You get your full entry fee back + $100 from the PFP Tour!
      • Travel plans still work if you miss cut, but if you make then you can afford the expensive change fee a bit more!
    • If you miss the Monday:
      • Onto the PFP event
      • Play Wednesday-Friday GUARANTEED (No cut)
      • Top 33% guaranteed to get their entry fee back (excluding ties)
      • Everyone has opportunity to play for $$ Round 3
      • Final round pool offered to those outside money beginning Round 3
      • Finish Friday, catch original flight out Saturday to next Monday site (where you can do it all over again on the PFP Tour)

Why is your percentage of Entry Fees/Purse less than other Mini Tours?
It is all about the cut. When a 3 or 4 day event has a cut to the top 35% and ties (on average 37%ish including ties), they only have to pay that percentage of the course costs for the rounds after the cut, meaning they cut their course costs significantly:

  • 3 Day Event w/ cut to 35% and ties
    •  79% of total course costs paid
  • 4 Day Event w/ cut to 35% and ties
    • 68.5% of total course costs paid
    • Due to the way we have decided to structure our tour, with no cut, we will be paying 100% of the course costs, for everyone for all 3 days of our events.

How will the payouts be structured?
When we discussed payouts, we talked about the thing we hated most was beating a large portion of people, but not getting paid fairly for it because of how top heavy a majority of purses are (ie large guaranteed first place checks…)
We decided it would be best to pay more equally to the 33% who will get checks in our events, with the most important thing being that the person who finishes in last place money gets their entry fee back (excluding ties)
* A rough estimate for a payout with 50 people is on our instagram and twitter page, 3rd post from the bottom

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