PFP Performance Packages


We created the PFP Performance Packages to extend players cheaper entry fees for playing more of our events, and to create more engagement between our partners and our players; most importantly, we created them to reward players for season-long success via the to “The Money List”

The deadline to register for a 2022 PFP Performance Package is April 10th

2022 Performance Package Options

Strictly Money List Price—$900

Makes you eligible for the “Money List” NO discounted entry fees
NO partner gifts

Money List+Discounted Entry Fees+Partner Gifts Price—$1,450

Eligible for “Money List” $100 discount off entry fees Gift package from our Partners

Strictly Discounted Entry Fees Price—$500

NOT eligible for “Money List” $100 discount off entry fees NO partner gifts

*For more info on “The Money List”, check out “The Money List” tab in the menu up above!

All PFP Performance Packages are non-refundable.

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