The Money List

The season-long Money List was an idea born out of the desire to reward solid play over the course of the whole year*

Players will be able to buy into the Money List through our “PFP Performance Packages”, where $825 of each

Performance Package will be put into a pot to be paid out to the top money earners at the end of the season

BREAKING NEWS: THE PFP TOUR HAS THROW IN AN EXTRA $5,000 into the “The Money List” for 2022!!

Below is an example of what the payouts would look like: 20 Participants=$21,500 in Pot 1st—$11,000

2nd—$5,500 3rd—$3,000 4th—$2,000

30 Participants=$29,750 in Pot

1st—$14,000 2nd—$7,000 3rd—$4,000 4th—$3,000 5th—$1,750

40 Participants=$38,000 in Pot

1st—$16,000 2nd—$10,000 3rd—$6,000 4th—$3,750 5th—$2,250

*Only includes counting events

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